Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blanchet Designs.

August and September were two of the busiest months for me this year. I was hired by local designer Stacey Blanchet of Blanchet Designs to bring her designs to life on the runway at the Hard Rock Hotel of San Diego. It was stressful, but like always, worth the sleepless nights in the end. The fashion show donated 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales to Just Like My Child Foundation making $3500!

These were my beutiful models Lynn and Micheale
wearing their custom made outfits.
Lynn is wearing a 3/4 sleeve leopard jacket over a form
fitting jersey turtle neck dress. Micheale is wearing a
spaghetti strap poka dot pleatted dress.

This is Susie Soto. She is also part of Blanchet Designs
and was with me throughout the entire working process.
Make sure to look out for her upcoming desings known
as Haus of Charlemagne.

And this is our awesome team of seamstresses along
with Stacey Blanchet herself in the center.

Make sure to check out blanchetdesigns.com for our upcoming shows.